“I worked with Abbey during a nutrition and fitness challenge at my CrossFit gym, and her coaching was instrumental in my success.  Abbey gave me practical, easy to implement ideas and tips about my eating and my lifestyle that helped me reach my health and fitness goals.  She’s very easy to talk to and took my day to day life into account in all of her advice.  I changed my habits, lost weight, gained muscle and increased my performance in every single category at my CrossFit gym.  I actually came in 2nd place in the challenge, which I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do without Abbey’s help.  I would highly recommend her for help in reaching your nutrition, health and fitness goals.” Chrissy D.

“My nutrition journey started at the end of last April, almost a year ago now.  I had been unhappy with my body and energy level for several years and had not done anything about it.  In April, I joined Crossfit and a week after I started I learned that the gym was holding a “Body Composition Change Challenge”.  I decided I’d give it a try because I was ready for a change and had nothing to lose (except weight and inches).  I was paired up with Abbey as my nutrition guide and couldn’t have been happier.  I started my nutrition journey by sneaking some Gobstoppers in the first week.  If that didn’t make it obvious, I am a sugar addict.  When I first met with Abbey and she suggested I drink my coffee with no sugar I literally laughed in her face, I didn’t think it was possible to force coffee down my throat without at least TWO HEAPING SPOONFULS of sugar and about half the mug filled with milk.  She convinced me to at least cut down a little each day on the sugar in my coffee and to stop sneaking candy.  She made several really helpful suggestions; my sugar cravings would get really really bad by the end of the day so Abbey suggested eating berries and dark chocolate as an alternative to candy.  It was an adjustment, especially since I used to put powdered sugar on my berries, but I started to feel better and better.  As the month went on I had more energy and my whole body felt better.  I was making huge gains in my Crossfit classes and getting stronger every day.  Abbey continued to guide me throughout the challenge, she suggested more protein at lunch to stop my snacking in the afternoon (of course she was right) and countless substitutions for my less healthy choices and to help curb my sugar cravings.  By the last week of the challenge Abbey convinced me to cut out the sugar completely from my coffee and use coconut milk instead of regular milk.  Because of the guidance I got from Abbey during the competition I was able to lose 10lbs in a month and feel like a completely new healthy person.  I have more energy, less stomach problems, and almost no cravings.  I have continued to stay off the sugar.  The competition and Abbey made me aware of my dependency on sugar and I didn’t want to return to that state (I have since noticed that the crash from a sugar high is absolutely horrible!)  I have continued to use everything I learned from Abbey to continue my nutrition journey and whenever I see her at the gym she always asks how I am doing.  I loved the relationship we developed during the challenge, I felt like Abbey really cared about my progress and didn’t mind listening to me complain EVERYTHING!  I believe there you can always improve yourself and with Abbey’s guidance I was able to start improving my diet and nutrition and learned enough to continue the journey of improvement on my own.” Jenn B.

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